Author: The Pruner

Pruning or trimming Juniper Shrub – 【How and when to prune】

The juniper shurb is a conifer belonging to the Cupressaceae family, which in optimal conditions reaches 2 meters in height. It is characterized by slow growth, very spiny needle-like leaves, and cone-shaped fruits that turn purple when ripe. These very particular characteristics make this shrub a very good option to . . . Read more

Pruning or trimming thyme -【How and when to prune】

Thyme encompasses between 200 and 300 species of plants in the Lamiaceae family. They are herbs or also subshrubs that develop in the temperate climates of Europe, Asia and North Africa, although currently their use has spread throughout the world. For its correct development it is essential that you know . . . Read more

Pruning Redcurrants -【How and when to prune】

Red currants are plants belonging to the species Ribes rubrum. More specifically, it is a shrub with a bramble appearance, with thin, highly branched stems. Its leaves are deciduous. They measure between 5 and 7cm and are composed of 3-5 leaflets with irregularly toothed edges. They are used for their . . . Read more

How to create sunlight indoors for plants?

Even the most inexperienced gardener knows that sunlight is essential for plant growth, without it there is no source of energy for photosynthesis. The problem can appear when we want to grow plants indoors, since although some adapt to low light, others suffer from a lack of sunlight. Fortunately, there . . . Read more

What is the Average Cost to Cut Down a Tree?

Tree removal is a complex and potentially dangerous job, so hiring the right professionals is essential if you want to safely and efficiently remove a tree from your property.  Strobert Tree Service provides residential and commercial affordable tree removal, trimming, and pruning services in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Their . . . Read more

Pruning deutzia shrub 【How and when to prune】

Deutzia is a deciduous shrub native to Asia and North America. It is characterized by having flowers in clusters, which can be white, pink or red, and by its shiny green foliage. There are a wide variety of deutzia varieties, from compact, short plants to large, bushy plants. This plant . . . Read more

Pruning Barberry or Berberis 【How and when to prune】

The barberry, also known as berberis, is a shrub that belongs to the berberidaceae family. It originated in Asia and Europe and has a wide variety of species, each with different characteristics and requirements. Among its general characteristics, it is found that they are evergreen shrubs, with flowers and fruits . . . Read more