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Pruning Redcurrants -【How and when to prune】

Red currants are plants belonging to the species Ribes rubrum. More specifically, it is a shrub with a bramble appearance, with thin, highly branched stems. Its leaves are deciduous. They measure between 5 and 7cm and are composed of 3-5 leaflets with irregularly toothed edges. They are used for their . . . Read more

Pruning Purple Leaf Sand Cherry 【How and when to prune】

Purple leaf sand cherry is a popular ornamental shrub known for its beautiful purple foliage and white spring flowers. These plants can add a pop of color to any garden and are relatively easy to care for. However, pruning is an important part of maintaining the health and shape of . . . Read more

Pruning blackcurrants -【How and when to prune】

The blackcurrant or by its scientific name Ribes nigrum, is a deciduous shrub that is grown mainly for its fruits. These fruits are small berries with a strong and quite acidic flavor that are used above all in jams and jellies. Like any fruit-bearing plant, if you want to have . . . Read more

How and when to prune mango tree

The mango tree is a fruit tree that has its origin in the tropical areas of Asia. It is the national fruit in India, but it is currently cultivated in many countries of the world, with the tropical countries of Latin America being the largest producers. They do not withstand . . . Read more

How and when to prune meyer lemon tree

The meyer lemon tree or Citrus × meyeri, due to its characteristics, is one of the most cultivated varieties in pots, being capable of giving very abundant harvests. The flavor of its fruit is notably sweeter and less acidic than that of a common lemon, which is why it is . . . Read more

How and when to prune peach trees

The peach tree, or by its scientific name Prunus Persica, is a tree shaped like a shrub of medium or low height. It has its origin in China, where it has been cultivated since ancient times. It was the Persians who took it and made it known in Europe. Its . . . Read more

How and when to prune a fig tree

The fig is a tree of good size and corpulence, which reaches 8 to 10 meters high in favorable areas. On the contrary, in areas that are not so conducive to its development, it does not exceed the size of a shrub. Its branches, of great diameter, are covered by . . . Read more

How and when to prune lemon tree

Learn HOW AND WHEN TO PRUNE lemon tree. How to care citrus, how to prune lemon tree in pot, pruning dwarf lemon tree and pruning lemon tree in summer